Fiddler Alternative for WP7 Emulator?

Update (17/10) – You can now get Fiddler to work with the emulator. Read this post for instructions.

Well, I’ve been trying to get Fiddler working with the Windows Phone 7 emulator, but no luck :(. If anyone has managed to do this, please comment and explain how. I’ve tried various methods, including ones that worked for Android’s emulator, but it seems that I need to be able to change the internet settings of the emulator itself. Even in the unlocked version of the WP7 emulator, I couldn’t find any settings. As an alternative, you might be interested in Microsoft Network Monitor. In my opinion, it’s not as user friendly as Fiddler, but may be of some use to people :).

Comments are welcome from anyone if they have another Fiddler alternative, or know how to get Fiddler working with the emulator (beta)




2 Responses to Fiddler Alternative for WP7 Emulator?

  1. ceeant says:

    It worked perfectly fine with the old version of the emulator, but now that you mentioned it I tried it out with the new beta emulator and indeed it doesn’t anymore. Really annoying :/

    • keyboardp says:

      I hadn’t tried it on the old one. On the new one, either it stops the internet from working on the emulator (if you launch Fiddler first), or it simply doesn’t pick up any of the network transmissions. Hopefully there’s a way around this as I do like using Fiddler for debugging web calls.

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