BulletAsylum Game for Windows Phone 7

UberGeekGames have just announced their latest game, BulletAsylum, which is being developed for Xbox 360 and WP7! In their words,

BulletAsylum is a new spin on the classic defend-the-city-from-meteors genre. Simply touch the screen on a WP7 device, or push the thumbstick on the Xbox 360 to create a literal fireworks show out of your enemies with an impenetrable wall of firepower. Instantly purchase new towers and cities without breaking up the action. Split your fire in two directions by touching the screen in two places or using the right thumbstick. Unleash the screen-clearing Overdrive when you’re in a tight spot.

It doesn’t just sound cool, it looks cool! Check out the video below of BulletAsylum and keep up to date on their official site and their YouTube channel. For their latest tweets, follow the developers on their Twitter account (@UberGeekGames).



4 Responses to BulletAsylum Game for Windows Phone 7

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  2. Mido says:

    It’s cool!! I want to play it.

  3. Paulbo says:

    yes yes yes yes yes

    WANT IT!

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