WP7 MSDN Resources you may have (Dis)missed

MSDN is an awesome resource, but often I forget how I got to a certain page with certain samples, or simply dismissed an interesting page. Therefore, I decided to compile a short list of pages you may have missed (even though they’re all accessible from the Main WP7 MSDN page), or ones that you should probably look at even if the title isn’t interesting ;). If you’d recommend a page here, feel free to comment and I’ll update the post.

Main WP7 MSDN Page

WP7 Code Samples (Beta Kit)

Application Platform Overview

Difference Between Silverlight for Windows and Silverlight for Windows Phone 7

Photos for Windows Phone

Application Manifest File

Design Resources for Windows Phone

Security for Windows Phone

Themes for Windows Phone

Execution Model Overview

Launchers and Choosers

Globalization and Localization

How to: Use Reactive Extensions to Emulate and Filter Accelerometer Data for Windows Phone

Supported Media Codecs




3 Responses to WP7 MSDN Resources you may have (Dis)missed

  1. Does wp7 support SmtpClient ?

  2. keyboardP says:

    Hi Shree,
    I don’t believe SMTP is supported. However, you can use the EmailComposeTask method to send emails from your application.

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