What is the “Find My Phone” Service?

You’ve just got yourself a shiny new WP7 phone and you’ve managed to lose it somewhere. You try calling it, but no answer, so you retrace your steps to where you could’ve dropped it. Unfortunately, you still can’t find it and don’t know what to do. Well, the new free Find My Phone service from MS will help you track down the missing device using GPS, Bing Maps and remote functions such as locking and data erasing. If you’ve used WinMo devices, this may seem familiar as this new service is the successor to MyPhone.

Once you log into the Find My Phone website, you’ll be able to check your phone’s location and get an approximate location which is then displayed on Bing Maps. You can also remotely lock the phone with a PIN so that no one can access the data. Furthermore, you can display a message on the phone’s screen such as “If found, please ring ………”. You can also gain passer-by’s attention by forcing your phone to ring loudly continuously, even if you left it on ‘silent’. Ultimately, if you feel you’re not going to get your phone back, or you had sensitive information on the phone (e.g. stored passwords) then you can remotely wipe all your information from the phone so that even if someone accesses it, they won’t be able to read your details. Pretty cool service and all for free!

Oh, and as a cloud storage location, you also get 25gb SkyDrive storage space so you can use it as a backup service (or simply as your ‘cloud drive’ so that you can access the files from anywhere and have it sync to your WP7 device).




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