[WPC] Andy Lees will be talking in the Morning Keynote

Update: You can also see yesterday’s keynote with Andy Lees and Brandon Watson (which wasn’t streamed) as the video is now available. Check this post for details.

You can now  see Andy Lee’s talk via

a) Direct Link (around 30 mins mark although there are some cool demos from 8 mins)

b) Virtual Pressroom (select ‘Streaming Keynotes‘ from the drop-down menu then select ‘Brad Brooks and Andy Lees: WPC 2010 Vision Keynote‘)

Andy Lees, Senior VP of Mobiles Communication Business will be taking the stage in todays (13th) morning keynote speeches. Hopefully some WP7 news will come through, possibly from a consumer point of view.

(The information below was from various speakers of the keynote, not just Andy Lees)

  • “what happens over the next 5 years will define the next 10 years”
  • Customisable lock screen with extra info available (e.g. upcoming meetings)
  • Start screen fully customisable
  • Support for multiple exchange accounts in the phone
  • People Hub – Information about contacts pulled from various sources, such as Facebook and Windows Live.
  • Quick text correction.
  • Same contact details are merged from various sources (e.g. Exchange and Windows Live), so that there’s only one instance of the contact. However, it’s still possible to see what source the information is coming from.
  • Emails are synchronised over the air (e.g. flagged emails in Outlook  on the PC will appear flagged on the phone)
  • Ability to edit text in PowerPoint slides on the phone and then sync back to the cloud.
  • Very close integration between email and calendar.
  • Zooming close into Bing maps will automatically switch to satellite view.
  • Pictures hub – All pictures synced into hub – e.g.  from Facebook, Live Account.
  • Office hub –  SharePoint synchronisation support
  • Bing Search – smart searches using your current GPS location. Typing in “Movie Theatres” will show nearby cinemas and films that are currently showing.
  • Type flight details in Bing and it will return information such as delays, timings etc…
  • Games hub – Real avatar taken from your Xbox live account (not a copy of it).
  • Consistent hardware targets for a ‘design once – run everywhere’ development process.
  • Development devices starting to be shipped tomorrow
  • Zune services expanding around the world.
  • New services including a companion site for your phone free of charge. Remote wipe, lock etc…
  • Available simultaneously for operators around the world
  • Launching in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • WP7 is for business and consumers.
  • Now discussing Xbox
  • Avatar, achievements and friends synced with WP7 phones.
  • Showing Halo: Reach (to the audience. Video for this is not streaming)
  • Kinect Launching November 4 2010
  • Currently demonstrating Kinect
  • Fast Forwarding/Rewinding with hand gestures and voice recognition
  • Showing live demonstration of Kinectimals
  • 40 different animals at launch and 30 activities in Kinectimals
  • Demonstrating Kinect Adventures
  • Automatically recognises user and loads avatar
  • 15 Kinect games at launch ranging from dance, sport, fitness and racing.
  • Andy Lees recapping presentation and emphasising the fact that the PC, Xbox and Windows Phone 7 will all be integrated together.

End of Andy Lees’ session.




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