Quick WP7 Beta Emulator Keyboard Tip

I’m sure most of you WP7 developers have gone ahead and downloaded the new beta development tools and you’ve probably noticed how blistering fast the emulator actually runs. It’s awesome! However I did notice that, by default, you can’t actually use your physical keyboard to enter data into the emulator. In the beta version, there is now a switch you can toggle to swap between your physical keyboard and the emulator’s SIP. Simply press the Pause/Break key on your keyboard and you can toggle between the two types of input.




2 Responses to Quick WP7 Beta Emulator Keyboard Tip

  1. jason says:

    Excuse me, where have “Pause” key? i can’t find it…please help me. thank you.

    • keyboardP says:

      Hi Jason,
      The Pause/Break key, on a full size keyboard, is often in the top right hand corner above the Numpad. If it’s not there, then it might be slightly left of the Numpad, but still at the top of the keyboard.

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