Windows Phone 7 and the Enterprise Apps….

Windows Phone 7 is a massive leap from Windows Mobile from a business perspective as well as a development perspective. For this reason, many legacy applications may not make the jump from WM to WP7, unless explicitly recoded for WP7. The biggest sector to feel this hit will be the enterprise sector, which was one of the biggest market areas for WM. There are various reasons for this, ranging from the size of enterprise applications making it difficult to recode to the fact that enterprise applications have become intrinsic to the business workflow and any attempt to introduce a new application may be met with bugs, incompatibility and service disruptions.

All’s not doom and gloom for enterprise users, however, as the free market may dictate that the demand is high enough to make it worthwhile for developers to create applications to fill this need. E-Switch seems to be one of the first enterprise ISVs porting their current WM suite of tools to the Windows Phone 7 platform.

From WMPoweruser:

The e-switch mobile productivity platform allows users to execute business transactions and critical decisions anytime and from anywhere. The mobile solution consists of the XRB/wsserver and the client application mCompanion.

The mCompanion supports all common communication protocols depending of the mobile device. The flexible framework allows the mapping of customer specific processes and transactions.

The software features:

  • Supports online/offline mode on the device (queueing)
  • An auto-reconnect function for GPRS connections provides virtually uninterrupted connection to the host system.
  • Data storage on the device.
  • Only user data will be transferred. All data will be compressed (“zipped”), to keep it as small as possible. This can reduce data costs by up to 60%
  • Securing transactions between the mobile client and the ERP-system. Each transaction is identified by a transaction-ID which ensures transition of “lost transactions” in case of a communication failure.
  • The mobile client mCompanion supports multi language installations. e-switch delivers all applications in English and German by default. Additional languages can be added at any time. The language is automatically detected with no configuration needed.
  • Changing the operating system or support for multiple operating systems is supported. Blackberry and WinCE or Windows Mobile and Windows XP can all be used at the same time.
  • The maintenance contract for the mCompanion framework includes upgrades for future operating system changes.




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