Renault Car Renting App for WP7 (with SketchFlow demo)

Tequilarapido has demonstrated a new app from Renault for Windows Phone 7. It’s a Renault car renting application that allows users to customise their options such as the car model and the period of time they’d like to rent the car for. What’s cool about the demonstration is that it shows a bit of SketchFlow. For those of you who don’t know what SketchFlow is, it’s a UI prototyping tool that makes it extremely easy to experiment with different UI styles and, more importantly, makes the feedback process a lot easier by allowing clients to see a pseudo-functional version of the app and allowing them to annotate their ideas and opinions. It’s a really cool program and comes with Expression Studio 4. Check out the two videos below, first one showing a glimpse at SketchFlow and the second showing the actual application in the emulator, demonstrating the section that was designed in SketchFlow. Also check out the article over at Tequilarapido for more information on the process. The original site is in French, but here’s a translated version (English).

SketchFlow (feedback process example):





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