HTC talks Windows Phone 7

Pocket-lint managed to have a quick meet up with HTC’s global PR and Online Community Manager, Eric Lin. It’s already pretty clear that HTC will be putting out Windows Phone 7 devices. In fact, judging by the US and UK roadmap leaks, we may even know the dates of release. However, the only new piece of news was regarding HTC’s experience of developing for WP7 from an OEM’s point of view. Lin highlights that a key difference between Android and WP7 is that they won’t be able to skin WP7 phones, nor change any of the core applications. Naturally, these restrictions will most likely extend to all other WP7 OEM’s and so the success of a device will rely much more heavily on the hardware rather than the software. Despite the skinning restriction, Lin explains that “We can’t cover, we can’t change, but we can add. So we’re going to look at how we can add, and how we can add value because of that.” You can read more info over at the Pocket-Lint site.




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