BusTrack App for WP7

I’m going to retrofit a demonstration of a brilliant WP7 application that you may have missed. It was uploaded before this blog was created, but it now has a firm place in the showcase (sorry for the delay!) For now, this will be interesting to those of you who live in Chicago. However, the developer plans to explore other bus services around the world, so even if you don’t live in Chicago, you’ll probably want to see this. We’ve all been in the situation where you don’t want to leave the house too early and wait at the bus stop for ages, or leave too late and miss the bus completely (and, incidentally, end up waiting at the bus stop for ages :D).  BusTrack is an app that allows you to track buses in real time so that you don’t leave too early nor too late – perfect. Check out the video of the app below and keep an eye on the developer’s site for updates.




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