Panic Alert App for WP7 (Mine!)


Update (30/07) – Latest version of Panic Alert – click here

Hey everyone,

I got some great feedback via comments and emails regarding my ICE application. If you saw the ICE app video, you would’ve heard me discuss another health and safety application I was working on. Due to the feedback I received from the ICE app, I decided to take a different approach to the development of my other application. The application is called Panic Alert and the video shows a quick prototype of it working. The reason I released an early video is because I feel it would be interesting to get ideas and feedback at an early stage in development so that new suggestions can be incorporated from the beginning.

Unlike ICE, the application is designed to be used by the owner. When they feel unsafe, or are in danger, they can easily perform three key actions.

1) Quickly set up a call to emergency services

2) Quickly set up a call to a chosen contact

3) Quickly set up a text message containing a predefined message and GPS coordinates

These actions could prove vital in an emergency situation. Check out the video below and feel free to send in feedback.

I plan to also make this app free, just like my ICE application, as I feel it’s something people should have on their phones.  You can comment here, email me or get in touch via Twitter.





4 Responses to Panic Alert App for WP7 (Mine!)

  1. Ben Reierson says:

    Looking good. I like the concept. A couple things I think would be cool (apologies if they’ve been mentioned before):
    1. Auto-detect the emergency number that should be used. I would definitely like an app that figured out the appropriate number to dial no matter where in the world I am.

    2. Include information about the accuracy of the location data both on the main screen and in the sms. Something like “Location ready and accurate within 100 meters”.

    3. This is less likely, but it would be really cool to have a ‘dead-man-switch’ mode that automatically tries to contact emergency services if certain conditions are met. Imagine replacing the on-star type of functionality where they know if you’ve been in a car accident and can send an ambulance if you don’t respond. You could set the phone to monitor your speed, and if you stop suddenly, have a count-down start that will call 911 if you don’t stop it. Or maybe have it monitor g-force. Not sure how accurate or battery-draining this stuff would be, but it could definitely be useful for certain situations.

    • keyboardp says:

      Hi Ben,
      Thanks for the feedback.

      1) Great idea. I’ll look into this and see if it’s possible. I can’t imagine it being too difficult. If there’s no built in function, then a simple database with emergency service numbers against country would be enough.

      2) This is something I’ll add, nice suggestion!

      3) I can’t promise this is something I’ll be able to add. I’d need a real device to test on, but I’m sure it’s possible to perform a check to see if acceleration has decreased significantly within a small time limit. I do like the idea, but will have to read up more about the best way to do this because of certain limitations such as the battery draining aspect you mentioned.

      Thanks a lot for the suggestions. The first two, I’ll certainly look into adding depending on what’s available.

  2. Alex says:

    How about adding an option in settings to automatically disable all sounds/ ring-tones when the application is launched? Could be useful if the person needs to keep quiet and forgot to put their phone on silent. If someone replies to the SMS that has been sent the phone might give away their location.

    • keyboardP says:

      Hi Alex,
      Thanks for the suggestion. At the moment, developer’s don’t have access to control the ringtone sound, so it won’t be possible. However, if this feature becomes available to developers in the an update, I’ll consider adding it. I like the suggestion though, thanks!

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