G:RSS – A Google Reader RSS App for WP7

G:RSS is a Google RSS Reader for WP7, making it easy for you to keep up to date with all your Google Reader RSS updates on the go. It supports most of the features of the web-based reader, including pre-buffering of subscription items for instantaneous access, even over a cell connection. No waiting when flicking through pages! The app also features:

  • Full access to labels, feeds, and all starred or unread items
  • Pre-buffering of articles as you read, just like the web version of Google Reader, to keep things moving without delay
  • Marking items, feeds, or labels read and unread
  • Starring your favorite items
  • Instant synchronization with your Google Reader account
  • Support for WP7 system themes
  • Ability to show teasers in item list screen
  • Sliding transitions when moving between items

Check out the video below to see the app in action and visit the developer’s site to keep up to date with it. You can also follow an on-going forum thread regarding G:RSS.



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